Paper Plate Flower

A simple, but fun flower to make!

My Amazing Paper Flower

This is one of my favorite fun crafts for kids.  Very little is required in terms of time and supplies, but the end result is super cute.


You will need a paper plate, a few sheets of white paper, one sheet of color paper, glue and scissors.


First, cut white sheets of paper into petal shaped pieces, making sure to vary the length and widths of the petal.

Next, squeeze a ring of glue around the outer edge of the plate.

Next, using the longer petals, line the outer edge of the plate with a ring of petals.


Next, squeeze a ring of glue on top the first ring of petals.


Next, using shorter petals, lay a second ring of petals, overlapping the first.


Continue this layering of petals until the plate is filled, or until you are happy with the way it looks. My finished flower has 3 layers, or rings of petals.

Using the color sheet of paper, cut out a large circle, making sure it is large enough to cover the edges of the last ring of flowers.  Glue the circle onto the center of the plate. Ta-da!  All done!!

Remember, it is all about fun and all about kids.  We are, after all, Happy Toe Fun Crafts For Kids!

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