Faux Stained Glass Using Tissue Paper

It's Fun.  It's easy.  It's kid friendly!

I am all about making kids' crafts fun and super easy.  This project could not be simpler.  Yet, the end result is a lovely tissue paper project that has the look of stained glass.

Stained Glass_Tissue Paper


You will need tissue paper in various colors (I used pink, green and blue), Elmer's Glue (white), wax paper, 1 sheet of construction paper, 1 pipe cleaner, a hole punch (optional), a paint brush, and a writing tool (I used a black permanent marker).


Stained Glass_Tissue Paper

Using a black permanent marker, I drew a heart onto a piece of wax paper.  The size of the wax paper depends on how big or small you want your project to be.  I am making a medium size heart.


Stained Glass_Tissue Paper

Paint a thin layer of the Elmer's Glue onto the wax paper, making sure to cover the heart.  Then adhere pieces of the tissue paper onto the wax paper, making sure to cover the heart.  Once the heart is covered, coat the tissue paper in a couple of layers of Elmer's Glue.


Stained Glass_Tissue Paper

Allow the glue to completely dry, then trim the excess wax paper.  Now you have a lovely faux stained glass heart.   You can stop here, but why?  Let's have a bit more fun!


Stained Glass_Tissue Paper

Using a hole punch, punch 2 holes into the heart (see picture above).  If you don't have a hole punch, you can use scissors to cut 2 small slits.


Stained Glass_Tissue Paper

Using the construction paper, cut two triangle shaped pieces to form the head of an arrow, and 2 triangle shaped pieces to form the tail of an arrow (I fringed the tail end of the arrow with my scissors).

Thread a pipe cleaner through the punched holes.  Sandwich the top tip of the pipe cleaner between 2 of the triangle pieces of construction paper, using glue to secure them together, forming the arrow head.  Do the same for the tail end of the pipe cleaner, forming the tail of the arrow.

Done!  I love it.  Super cute.  Super easy.  Definitely another fun craft for kids!

Happy Crafting,




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