About Fun Crafts For Kids

About Fun Crafts For Kids

I am a wife, a mom and lover of all things crafts related.  Not only am I a mom to a beautiful, intelligent, imaginative and creative 5 year old girl, I am also a troop leader to a group of equally as intelligent, imaginative and creative 5 year old Girl Scouts.  My crafts are often inspired by children and the need to use the hoard of crafting materials I have accumulated throughout the years.  Above all, it must fall under the category of FUN CRAFTS FOR KIDS.

Not only are my crafts, fun, simple and creative, they are also budget friendly--I try to use basic crafting supplies, or recycle/repurpose items that most of us have lying around the house.  I will not publish a craft tutorial unless and until the project has been tested and approved by me.  This means testing products, methods and materials.  If I love it, I'll share it!

These crafts can be as simple, or as complex as you want them to be.  I will provide you with the basic steps and foundation on which you can build and tailor the craft to one that is appropriate for the age and level of your child.  You can "KEEP IT SIMPLE," you can follow the "STEP-BY-STEP," or you can "KICK IT UP!".  Ultimately, the goal is to keep it fun, engaging and rewarding for kids.


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